The Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is the locus of communication.

When this chakra is in balance, you can easily convey your needs to loved ones. Your deep desires are heard, and understanding prevails.

Location  The throat

Color  Blue

Seed Sound (Bija Mantra) HAM

Element  Ether


  • communication
  • sound
  • language
  • song
  • listening & hearing
  • sharing & expression

When in balance

  • You know your needs and can readily communicate them.
  • You use the power of your voice for good.
  • You use language to enhance your relationships.
  • Your voice helps you to carry out your dharma.
  • You use sound to revel in the joy of being alive.

When out of balance

  • You have difficulty communicating your needs or desires clearly and effectively.
  • You may speak a lot without saying much.
  • You may tend to allow toxicity in your language — excess complaining, criticism & cursing.
  • You may not be listening well enough.

Yoga to stimulate vishuddha

There are so many ways to stimulate the throat in yoga.

You can, for instance, close it off to stimulate and tone it.

You can chant, hum, vocalize or whisper.

Or you can stretch it long to open it and get the energy moving.

Poses & their energetics 

The Chin Lock – Jalandhara Bandha
  • Sit in Baddha Konasana gripping your feet firmly.
  • Pull up on your feet to draw the shoulders down and the heart up. This energy should begin at mula bandha.
  • Tuck the chin into your chest, drawing the neck backward about three inches (depending on your neck carriage).
  • Reflect on the power of sound in your life and in this existence. Each noise you make, each word you speak has consequences in the world that creates your reality. Do you treat each syllable with loving care? Is it possible to tend to this each day?
Be Your Own Support – Hands Interlaced behind the Head
  • This can be done from many, many shapes and it feels so gooood. Let the full weight of your head rest in your strong hands.
  • Build the trust in yourself to know that you can use your voice at any time to request or initiate healthy shifts in your environment. Make a commitment to keeping your speech focused on your greater purpose the whole day through.
  • Try it in Peaceful Warrior, Wild Thing, Pigeon, Seated, Camel, Warrior 1, Side Plank and wherever you can!
Healing Vocalization
  • Just before my baby son falls asleep each night, he does a little open-mouth hum. It’s an instinctual habit that I think helps him to release any built-up tension from the day’s communicating. We can take a cue from a baby, and let out a sustained, audible sigh-cum-hum in any old shape we want. Think of it as giving voice to emotions that are trying to escape.
  • In song and in speech, notice if you tend to be too-loud or too-soft. Next time you Om, or next time you sing, counter your tendency and explore the other side! Many of us use just a small portion of our projection capabilities. Be brave and sing from your gut and all the chakras.

in abundant love,


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