Quiz: Which Guna Predominates in You?

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Find out which guna predominates in you. Answer as honestly as you can with the intention of developing a deep understanding of your own tendencies. Go with your gut and choose the answer that first strikes you as true.

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1. In my free time, I'd rather:
2. I tend to:
3. I seem to always:
4. Friends are more likely to describe me as:
5. My most trusted advisors and confidants are more likely to advise me to:
6. When it comes to mornings:
7. I'm more likely to:
8. When I'm feeling emotionally off balance, I am probably:
9. I'd rather:
10. ___________ sometimes gets the better of me.
11. People will more likely describe me as:
12. When it comes to intoxicants, I tend to:
13. I'd rather:
14. When someone says something hurtful to me, I am more likely to:
15. I am more likely to:
16. My colleagues would describe me as:
17. Of the three, I'd say the element that best captures me is:
18. In any given moment, you'll sooner see me:
19. When it comes to speaking:
20. I tend to:


  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting. Yep. Thought so too with some outcomes of the answers given. Some of the questionnaires did not have answers that could have best described myself. Hence was stuck with some questions.

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