Quelling Thought Waves – Inhabiting the Body

Quelling Thought Waves: Inhabiting the Body

Have you ever had a moment when you felt perfectly at peace? when time seemed to stop? when duties, obligations, and worry fell by the wayside leaving you whole and unfettered, happy and free?

For too many of us, these moments happen only rarely, briefly, or never at all.… Read more

Rhythm Riding with Nataraja

Free Your Heart this Winter

Guided by the original rhythm rider, Nataraj.

I don’t know where you live, but here in the Hudson Valley winter can be both beautiful and terrible. Forecasters are calling for one of the coldest, snowiest seasons yet, and despite everyone’s preparation measures (like new snow tires and even face masks), we all seem to be caught off guard in the thick of it.… Read more

On Prana

Sprout, Life, Prana

Across yogic lineages breath is central to the practice. We reach and lean, twist, and fold, but without attention to breath, which facilitates access to complete presence, we are merely performing aerobics. Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh recommends repeating this as a way to arrive in the present moment:


I am breathing in.Read more

Why Do Asana?

Yes, we twist and sweat. We grunt and sigh. We fly and fall, flop down and recover. But why oh why? What is it all for?!?

Asana practice is nothing less than preparation for liberation of the soul. By helping us shed body consciousness, it makes up one small part of a path that ultimately leads to freedom, joy, bliss, and wholeness.… Read more