About Leigha

leigha butlerLeigha teaches playful,  intuitively sequenced classes that draw heavily from her home practice which makes use all sorts of surfaces -- from kitchen counter tops to park benches to  moss-floored forests. She respects traditional yoga asana but also loves blasting past convention and kicking the mat aside in favor of creative motion, outdoor environments, and little daily ecstasies. She takes joy in bringing students out of the realm of fear and into the realm of adventure, often turning things upside down and inviting practitioners out of their comfort zones, always with strong support and extensive application of anatomical guidance. Her classes are joyful and grounded in an emphasis on slowing things down, observing subtler alignment points, and becoming your own best guru. Within each asana, she finds a metaphorical insight for living an open, meaningful life of conscious presence. She believes in asana as a celebratory art and in yoga, on and off the mat, as a means to intimate engagement with life. She encourages you to modify, adjust or deepen postures to make the practice suit your unique needs.

My greatest goal is to guide students as they free themselves of obstruction--bodily and mentally--on the mat and in life--creating space for freedom, love, vibrancy, and little daily ecstasies. ~LB


Little Testimonies of Love


A grounded soul. A poetic head. A playful body. A very wise perspective...fresh, full of energy, with an old-school understanding and very rooted in the earth with her head in the sky. -MG


Emotionally gentle, physically challenging. -PB


Magical yoga. -TS


I just wanted to write you and say thank you for being so patient with me in class. I've tried yoga so many times over the last 10 years and I could never stick with it for a bunch of reasons. All the reasons I couldn't bring myself to go do not exist in your class and I just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate it. I never feel like I don't belong in your class or that I shouldn't be there. Thank you for being so nice. Last night's class was AMAZING (again). -TS


Thank you Leigha! Just love your commentary and your way of explaining, making space and letting go .... takes my yoga to a different level. Love xo -Tina's Raw Alkaline Diet


Leigha, I'm loving all your practices. I used to exercise every other night, but since finding your videos I'm now motivated to fit in at least a 15 minute flow every night. They are challenging, I often fall over, and they always make me laugh. And I feel so much better for it! Thank you 🙂 -Elizabeth Bowman


What I like about Leigha Butler is that she will push you to the full capacity of your potential at the time and each time you get better and better, stronger and more flexible. If you can't do what she's doing don't worry! In time you will get closer and closer! Always be mindful of what your body is telling you. Thank you Leigha for sharing. I watch your videos several times a week and you have taught me how to do so many things that I couldn't do before. -Dawn Cooke


Soft but powerful. -Lee Morgan


The reason I've started using your videos as a guide in my own home practice is because I'm learning to find ease and space during the practice that I hadn't before. Which is what yoga is all about, but as I see it here, it's clicking a bit more. Especially in held poses, as tho there's room to sort of walk around within the body, There's so much space being created and learning to relax within it, so much more graceful and easy room. Hard to describe in words! -Rabbit Bandini